Athlete of the Week

The Woden Athletics Club Committee and Club Captain, have decided to introduce an “Athlete of the Week” promotion. Each week, a Woden athlete will be interviewed by our Captain and acknowledged on our website and Facebook page.

The Athlete of the Week gives members an opportunity to get to know the person behind the athlete. You never know what you may find out – great to use as a conversation starter when you see them out at the track!

Athlete of the Week #12

Name: Eliza Ault Connell
Age: 36 years old

Preferred Events:
800m & Marathons

How did you start athletics?
I started running in Prosthetics in 1998, due to injury. I looked into other ways to do athletics and found wheelchair racing after watching the great Louise Sauvage in 2000 Paralympics. My first international race was in 2002 at Worlds where I won silver in the 400m.

What is your favourite food post competition?
Sushi, always sushi!

How do you enjoy your free time away from school/work and athletics?
Out of athletics I work as a director of a Charity – Meningococcal Australia. I’m married with three children, so family time is my hobby outside of work and training.

What’s your dream job and why?
I think I’m living it! I’m quite fortunate really to do what I love every day!

Who inspires you most in life?
In life my husband and children inspire me the most – to be the best I can be.

Which three movies/TV shows do you most enjoy?
Any Wes Anderson movie, think Fantastic Mr Fox and the new one, Isle of Dogs. It’s a must see!

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